A smarter lunch for smart schools.

School catering programThe CiCi's Bright Slice School Catering Program helps schools to give their students great tasting and nutritious pizza served fresh and hot from their local CiCi's Pizza.

CiCi's Bright Slice School Catering Program provides schools with pizza that tastes great and meets national nutritional guidelines.

  • Fresh, handmade dough made from whole grain flour
  • Mozzarella cheese with less sodium
  • Pizza sauce that is made in the restaurant each day

CiCi’s Bright Slice program can help your school in multiple ways.

  • Help your school meet lunchtime needs
  • Serve a popular lunch entree that is made fresh and never frozen!
  • Meets all national nutritional guidelines for calories from fat, sodium, the number of bread servings and the number of vegetable servings
  • Connect to your community by ordering from a locally owned CiCi's Pizza

Contact your local CiCi's Pizza to learn how to bring the Bright Slice School Catering Program to your school.

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