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WOW Story of the Week - November 21, 2011

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Nov 21, 2011, Williamsburg, VA

Dear CiCi’s,

I am retired from 35 years Federal Government service. As a former manager I often took note of workers who performed above and beyond what would normally be expected of an employee. During a visit to your store #854 located on Richmond Road, Williamsburg, Va., my wife and I were extremely impressed by the service of CiCi's employee Josh Ray. Josh, with a smile on his face and positive demeanor, ran a one man operation where two or more employees would normally have been required, serving customers at the front desk, clearing tables and attending to baked good in the back room.

Josh is the personification of the employee I would hire if I were to own a restaurant. He is clean cut in appearance, well mannered, knowledgeable, and exhibited an air of confidence so often missing in young people these days. CiCi's should be extremely proud to have a hard working and trustworthy employee of Josh's caliber. He renewed our belief in the younger generation of Americans.

Please bring this to the attention of management and place a copy in Josh's personnel record.

John M. Lemandri
Retired Foreign Service Communications Officer, Williamsburg, VA.