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WOW Story of the Week - December 5, 2011

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Dec 05, 2011,

Dear Guest Services,

I would just like to tell you about our trip to store #857 this evening (11/28/11). We walked in and Brad, manager, met us at the register. He greeted us and was very outgoing and enthusiastic. He offered us a couple of different options and was very helpful. When we had gotten seated the wait staff was really kind. I personally watched Brad greet and interact with about 15 different customers. (it was a slower night). A child came up and Brad patiently answered any questions he had. There was one customer who appeared
grumpy and a tough sell walking out the door (just her disposition from what I gathered and not anything concerning CiCi's), well Brad chatted with her a few minutes and pretty soon I saw her smile. Didn't think that would happen. At one point Brad stopped by our table to see how everything was going, saw our glasses were empty and went and filled them up for us. I heard him cheerily wish people a good evening in a positive manner that was pretty fun and encouraging. He's a bright spot in your restaurant. When we went to leave he rushed up and made sure to open the door for us as we were leaving. I've never
seen such great customer service. Seriously, this guy was awesome. Anyways, tell him thanks for a great evening. This was my way of doing so.

Melodee Glatzel