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WOW Story of the Week - December 26, 2011

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Dec 26, 2011, Orlando, Florida, Columbia, Missouri

Here’s a Christmas special, two WOW’s for the price of one!  Two units and some special CiCi’s managers that have what it takes to exceed our guests expectations!

 First, Orlando, Florida

 To whom it may concern,

 We continue to be impressed by the service we receive from both Paul Arnold and John Kain at CiCis #370 on John Young Parkway in Orlando, but the service we received on our last visit on Saturday, December 10th was right off the charts.

When we walked in the door we were greeted by John with a Hi, welcome to CiCi’s, after which he jotted down our favorite pizzas, rang up our total, and told us he would bring the pizzas to our table when they were ready.  And no more than a minute after we sat down from having gotten our drinks and salad, here John comes with our pizza. As we had no idea how John could have gotten our pizza cooked so fast we ask him if he was psychic, and threw a pizza on in advance of our arrival, to which he replied that he saw us drive up in the parking lot, so had them get busy and get our pizza in.

Nice job John. We certainly don't expect this kind of service, because as we mentioned earlier, it was right off the charts. Thanks again John, and we hope you have a nice holiday season, because you deserve it.

And now Columbia, Missouri!

 To whom it may concern,

On December 4th, 2011, our girls' and boys' High School varsity basketball teams were on the way back from games in Olathe, KS.  Our school always gives us money to stop and eat at McDonalds.  The boys' coach and I are tired of McDonalds so we starting brainstorming different places we could go. 

We called Cici's Pizza in Columbia, MO, store # 512, to see if they could accommodate our small budget.  Our call to your store was before they even opened.  The manager there, Sonya, was wonderful.    We were sitting at her front door when she opened the door with 25 basketball players, 6 coaches and a bus driver.  Suffice it to say, we needed a lot of food. 

Sonya had everything ready, pizzas on the buffet, salads, drinks, everything was perfect.  For the entire time we were there we never had to wait on a pizza.  The buffet was always full of hot fresh pizza.

I just wanted to congratulate you and your Columbia store on a job well done.  I saved the phone number in my phone so that we can stop there again sometime.

Thank you again,