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WOW Story of the Week - February 2, 2012

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May 31, 2012,

Good morning,

Do I have a Wow! story for you! Recently, my family and I were vacationing in Harrisonburg, VA. On Thursday, December 29, 2011 at about 9:30 p.m., we realized that we were starving and that we wanted pizza. We phoned CiCi's Pizza Store # 0383 and asked what time they closed. The kind voice on the other end said 10 p.m. We hung up and talked amongst ourselves and said that since we were 20 minutes away from the CiCi's that we probably wouldn't make it or if we did then the manager probably wouldn't let us in that late. So my mom suggested calling back and asking what was the latest we could come in. The kind voice said "9:59"! We jumped in our cars (there were 7 of us) and drove to the restaurant. Well, when we walked into the now empty restaurant at 9:54 p.m. we were greeted by the owner of that kind phone voice, Mr. John Morgan. He welcomed us and then proceeded to ask what kinds of pizza we would like. He said that he would cook any and every kind of pizza that we wanted. Mr. Morgan and his staff never rushed us or stopped asking us if we were satisfied. It was as if we rented out the restaurant for a private party! Everyone was catering to us. When we were so full that we could barely walk out, we thanked Mr. Morgan and his staff and asked for a comment card or corporate phone number. I apologize for the delay in getting this Wow! story to you, maybe we're just getting over the good feeling that Mr. Morgan and the staff of Store #0383 left us with.

Have a great day!

Tres Rahim