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WOW Story of the Week - March 15, 2012

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May 31, 2012,

I want to share a very heartwarming act shown by the general manager of your Rockville, MD store, John Stern.

Me and my wife visited this location yesterday afternoon, 03/07/12 for the "Happy Hour." About 1O minutes later, a disabled young woman was dropped by a Metro Access driver and came in in her wheelchair by herself. It was evident that this young woman had very limited speech and mobility. We watched as Mr. Stern took all the patience of assisting and helping the woman with what she wanted, conversing with her and trying to understand as much as he could what the woman was saying. All the while MR. Stern was so gracious without any trace of getting "tired". He set a table for her to accommodate the wheelchair; got all the things she needed, fixed her salad, etc.! In other words he basically offered his full services just to make this customer happy and contented.

Other managers or supervisors could have just left the young woman alone, or let one of his staff to do the things that he did. What Mr. Stern did was the highest deed of customer service and relationship!

We visit this location every now and then and we have always been telling ourselves that the manager is such very friendly, cheerful and just very nice. And that is why we keep going back.

KUDOS TO YOU JOHN STERN - you are one in many. Keep up the good work; we need more people like you in these rough times.