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WOW Story of the Week - May 30, 2012

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May 31, 2012,

I wanted to share a story of a job well done at our local CiCi’s. We were there on Friday evening, May 18th, when a busload of over seventy pre-teen / teenagers with their chaperones pulled in. We only knew how many there were because one of the chaperones jokingly said to me that she had over seventy hungry kids with her, and that if we wanted more pizza, that we should get it before they all piled in. The CiCi’s crew on board that night handled it in what seemed like such an effortless, professional manner, that you would have thought that they waited on that many in such a short span all the time. They made it look so easy, all the while with smiles and great attitudes, not to mention keeping hot pizza up the entire time. They had all those people thru the door and eating in what seemed like only minutes. As a local resident who has frequented lots of restaurants in the Williamsburg area in the past ten years, it was refreshing to experience such great teamwork. Kudos to the entire staff on shift that night!!  

Kim Wheeler