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WOW Story of the Week - June 17

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Jul 30, 2012,

WOW Story # 107

Manager’s name : Russell Maynor

My Husband, son and I went to CiCi’s last night.  We have gone to Kingwood, TX CiCi’s location about once a month or so, but I have never been more impressed with the service we got as I was last night.

When we walked through the door, the manager (not sure what his name was but he was wearing a blue button down) greeted us and then asked if we would like a high chair and then carried the high chair to a table for me.  That was SO nice because normally I’m struggling to carry my son, his diaper bag and a highchair and maneuvering through the restaurant trying to find a seat.  It was so nice of him to see the need and rush to fill it with a smile.

The girl that took our order was also super friendly and smiling at us and even asked to be sure we were familiar with the buffet.  It’s becoming more and more rare to be treated with respect and a smile and I was pleasantly surprised to be treated so well by every employee we came in contact with. 

Best experience I’ve ever had at CiCi’s!!!!