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WOW Story of the Week - November 17, 2012

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Nov 29, 2012,

CiCi's 708 Grand Blanc, MI

Franchisee - JIM LYON

I just wanted to say that the team at the Grand Blanc store is always so nice. My

husband and I eat here probably twice a month, and always order the same pizzas..

well yesterday they were SUPER busy and they KNEW what pizzas we always ordered

and brought them to our table which I thought was AWESOME :-D They went above

and beyond yesterday.

I do have one suggestion though:: You should have a TIP area on the credit card

receipts... my husband and I do not carry cash often, so most times we cannot leave a

tip for the bus person and we'd like the opportunity to.. So please consider putting a TIP

area on the bottom of the credit card receipts. :)