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WOW Story of the Week - Myrtle Beach, SC 2013

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Jun 18, 2013,

“Somewhere between the parking lot, I was right in front, and the restaurant, I lost my set of keys. When no one in the store could find them, the manager actually drove me home to try and get my spare key.  I could not locate the key and not wanting to keep him waiting we returned to the store. He proceeded to actually have his staff go through the garbage to see if someone had thrown them away. He looked outside all over trying to locate them for me.

He went way above what I would consider exceptional customer service. Absolutely one of the nicest young men I have met in a very long me. My car can only be locked from the outside so we really could not figure out where they went to. He took my phone number & hopefully when they close tonight maybe they will show up. He should be commended for his concern & helpfulness. Thank you Cici's for hiring such extraordinary people.”