Meat eater pan pizza with pepperoni, sliced ham, beef and sausage.

Meat Eater PAN Pizza

What do you get when you cross Cicis original Meat Eater Pizza with our new, crispy PAN crust? Our endlessly amazing Meat Eater PAN Pizza! It all starts with our dough, made fresh from scratch every day and baked right in the pan for a deep crust that’s crisp and golden on the outside, thick and fluffy on the inside. After a generous layer of tomato sauce and 100% real cheese, we cover that irresistibly crispy crust end-to-end with loads of pepperoni, sliced ham, hearty beef and savory sausage. This  Meat Eater PAN Pizza is so hearty, so delicious and so ENDLESS, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. So head to Cicis Buffet today and get your hungry hands on Endless PAN! While you’re there, grab yourself a slice of our Supreme PAN Pizza, both available for a limited time.

Nutrition Facts (one slice)

Calories Fat Carbs Protein
230 11g 25g 9g