My Cicis FAQ

Commonly Asked Questions About the My Cicis Mobile App


Q: What is the My Cicis App?

A: My Cicis is a visit-based loyalty program that is structured to reward you. The more you visit, the faster you’ll earn rewards.


Q: Can I use different email addresses to earn multiple rewards?

A: No. The My Cicis app knows if it’s been downloaded on a device before and will not provide more than one introductory reward per device. One reward per new user!


Q: Where can I find my code?

A: You will only need to enter a code if you were referred by a friend. If not, select the arrow in the top right corner to proceed to the next step.

If you are signing up outside of the My Cicis app on your desktop, just leave that line blank and proceed to the next question.


Q: What is a Loyalty Slice and how do I earn one?

A: A Loyalty Slice is simply each individual marker that indicates you have entered a receipt building up to your free reward. You can earn one Loyalty Slice at any Cicis restaurant each time you spend a minimum of $7 (before taxes).


Q: How does the app work?

A: Once you download My Cicis on your iOS or Android device, open the app and select the Earn button. Scan the barcode found on your Cicis receipt or take a photo of your receipt to get a Loyalty Slice. It’s as easy as that!


Q: How do I redeem my rewards?

A: App Users:

Open the My Cicis app and select the Redeem button. Your offers will be listed there when available. When you are present at a Cicis location, press Redeem on the offer you wish to claim. NOTE: The offer expires 2 hours after being activated with the Redeem button.

A: Desktop Users:

Select the Redeem button then in the drop down menu choose the reward you’d like to redeem. Print the reward number that appears on your screen and in your email. Note: Once you claim a reward you will have 24 hours to redeem the reward in person at a Cicis location.


Q: Can I redeem my Free Buffet or Free Large 1-Topping Pizza at any location?

A: Yes! The My Cicis app lets you earn redeemable rewards at any participating Cicis.


Q: What if my receipt totals twice the amount redeemable for a Loyalty Slice? Will I get two Loyalty Slices for that receipt?

A: No. Guests can only get one Loyalty Slice per visit with a minimum spend of $7 before taxes are included. You will not receive slices for every $7 spent.


Q: If I have the My Cicis app and visit a Cicis with friends or family, can they purchase their own Buffet and scan their receipt with my app?

A: No. Each My Cicis user will only be able to earn one Loyalty Slice per visit.


Q: What if two or more people are on one receipt? Can we each earn a Loyalty Slice?

A: No. Each receipt can only be scanned once.


Q: Can I use my Free Buffet and Free Drink reward in the same visit?

A: You cannot. Each reward within the program is separate from other rewards and cannot combine multiple redemptions.


Q: Do I need to scan my receipt the same day as my purchase?

A: The app will allow you to scan your receipt up to 14 days after your purchase.


Q: Why can’t I scan more than one receipt at a time?

A: To be approved, the time stamp on each receipt must have a 4-hour time gap.


Q: I redeemed my reward too early and now it’s expired. Can I get it back?

A: Email to get the situation resolved.